Vegan Blueberry Loaf

Updated: Feb 8

Besides my Creme Egg Brownies, this recipe is definitely my most highly requested. I'm really not surprised though as this is honestly one of the bakes I am most proud of! Not only is it vegan and super delicious, but it is also so simple to make and only contains a couple of ingredients.

Vegan baking is something I always want to experiment with more. One of the best ways to start out is by using some form of dough as they typical contains just vegan ingredients. I wanted this to be the sort of recipe I could make for all occasions and that's why it's a mix between dessert and bread. I eat this often for breakfast or with a cup of tea in the afternoon. There is the option for vegan icing too which adds the perfect amount of extra sweetness and the blueberry sauce running through the loaf keeps things tasting really fresh!

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Ingredients (makes one loaf):

1 1/3 cups warm soy milk (or any vegan milk)

1.5 tbsp brown sugar

♥ 1/3 cup vegan butter (melted)

1 packet of instant yeast

♥ 3 1/2 cups plain flour

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

♥ 1/4 cup lemon juice

♥ 1/4 cup water

1/4 cup caster sugar (or 2tbsps sweetener such as agave nectar or maple syrup)

♥ 2 tbsps vegan cream cheese

♥ 2 cups icing sugar

♥ 2 tbsps cashew milk (or any vegan milk)


First up, warm through the soya milk (either in the microwave or a saucepan). Make sure it's not too hot though! Then, add the soya milk to a bowl with the sugar, melted vegan butter and the dry yeast. Leave for 5 minutes.

➋ Fold in the plain flour to the milk mixture until fully combined and a dough has formed. Then, mould the dough into a ball. Knead for 5 minutes until smooth if you want to but I often make this recipe without kneading and it still works just as well.

➌ Pop the dough back into the bowl. Place a tea towel over the top of the bowl and leave in a warm space for about 40 minutes to an hours (or until at least doubled in size). In the meantime, add all the ingredients for the sauce (blueberries, water, lemon juice, caster sugar or sweetener) into a saucepan and cook over a low heat until the blueberries have softened and a thick sauce forms!

➍ Generously flour your surface and roll out your dough into a rectangular shape and around 3/4 inch thick. Then evenly spread over the blueberry sauce. Roughly fold over the dough until the outside of the dough has covered the blueberry sauce - just one or two folds should do but perhaps get a friend to help with this process as the dough can be pretty wet! Then twist the dough (to ensure the marbled blueberry effect) and form into a loaf shape and pop into a loaf tin. You can do this really messily it doesn’t matter.

➎ Leave the dough to prove for another 30 minutes in the loaf tin and then bake at 180 Celsius (or 165 fan) for about 40 minutes. Meanwhile, if you wanted to add icing, then simply mix together the icing ingredients in a bowl & whisk to remove any lumps if needed.

➏ Once the loaf is cool then you can drizzle over the icing. This loaf should last for around 2-3 days in a bread bin but is always best fresh. If you don't plan on eating it all in the first 48 hours then I would recommend freezing for up to a month. To enjoy from frozen, simply leave to defrost at room temperature for a couple of hours.

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