Super Indulgent and Silky Vegan Brigadeiros (only 5 ingredients)!!

Updated: Feb 2

I am finally back to blogging after an extremely long hiatus (apologies everyone). What better way to start back up again than with a vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free truffle recipe?!

I know that is bit of a mouthful but I was recently sent some more of my favourite chocolate by @_no_chocolate (I will link their instagram and website at the bottom of this blog post) which is vegan & refined sugar free. Therefore, I wanted to keep on brand and make something that almost everyone can eat. (There is a recommended substitution that I have noted down too for those that have allergies to nuts!)

Let me know if there are any other vegan/ allergen safe/ dietary requirement recipes that you want me to tackle! I had so much fun making these and I hope you guys do too.

A bit about Brigadeiros:

The brigadeiro is a traditional Brazilian dessert, created by a confectioner from Rio de Janeiro, Heloisa Nabuco de Oliveira. It is made of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles covering the outside layer. It is a popular confection throughout the country, especially for festive events. *from WIKI

I had never heard of Brigadeiros until recently when I saw them being made on TikTok. My housemate Imogen had a Brazilian friend growing up that always used to bring them into school and she vouched for how delicious they were. That is when I decided that I HAD to make them. However, I not only didn't have condensed milk but I typically aim to be dairy free, so I knew these were going to have to be a bit different. I went on the hunt (on google of course) for the best vegan alternative; I wanted something that was going to be cheap and I wanted the ingredients to be easily accessible too! I stumbled across a recipe by 'Pies and Tacos' which I have adapted from. The combination of maple syrup and creamy cashew butter sounded so appealing! + I had actually just been sent some incredible (and newly released) Cashew Butter from @PrimeCashews_ (again I will link their details at the bottom of this blog) - so it seemed too big of a coincidence to ignore!

I was so shocked by the outcome; not only was the texture unlike any truffle I had ever had before (it was ridiculously silky) but they felt so indulgent for something so healthy and quick to make.

Just a couple of tips before you get started... Be mindful of the temperature of your fridge. They may only take 15-20 mins to set before they're ready to be moulded. Mine took about an hour but I know that when 'Pies and Tacos' created a similar batch they only took 10-20 mins. If you want to sub out the Cashew Butter for an alternative nut butter you can, but be aware that it needs to be smooth otherwise you won't get that ideal silk texture that we are looking for.

Right, let's get started shall we? Can't wait for you guys to try these!


♥ 1/3 cup maple syrup

♥ 1/3 cup vegan butter

♥ 3tbsps cashew butter *or alternatively you could use coconut butter an add cocoa powder to thicken

♥ x1 @_no_chocolate original 45g bar

♥ choice of toppings (cake sprinkles, almonds, coconut etc)


Melt all the ingredients together in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water until smooth. You will want to keep stirring as the ingredients melt together.

Leave the mixture to cool at room temperature and then pop them in the fridge for about an hour.

➌ Once the mixture has reached a scoopable and mouldable texture, remove from the fridge. Prepare some small bowls by filling them with your desire toppings. I did chocolate cake sprinkles and hundred & thousands. Then, take a teaspoon of the mixture and it roll into a ball using the palms of your hands. Repeat this process until all the mixture is used up. If you want bigger Brigadeiros then use a table spoon. However, remember that they are super rich so you may prefer the smaller sized truffles.

Then, place the truffles into the toppings and roll them until they are full covered. You will want to place them back into the fridge before you eat them for around thirty minutes so they regain some of their harder texture and the sprinkles set.




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