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How I edit my food pictures!

I recently shared some before and after pictures from when I first started food photography to now. the most asked question I got once I posted it was "how do you edit your pictures?" So, I thought with the re-launch of my website, it would be the perfect time to do a blog post on it!

I'm going to take you through my full editing process, step by step!


To start, I go through all of the images I took from that particular shoot and pick my favourites to import to Lightroom. I do this on my Mac as I find it easier to edit images on a large screen! I tend to edit about 5-8 photos until I find the one that I like best, so I recommend selecting more than you think you will need as you can always copy and paste edit settings!`


Once I have chosen my favourite images I will first of all crop them into the size and angle that I want them to be! I typically edit photos to post as Instagram feed posts (so will select the square crop format) or as reel covers (which is a 9x16 crop format). The grid function on Lightroom is great for this as you'll be able to see exactly how the food you have photographed fits into frame and you can make sure everything is centred how you like it to be!


This is the step that transforms your images the most! I often find that once photographed, the food often looks a little more dull on camera than in person. So I go in and brighten things up before moving on the my favourite part, the colour! I whack the saturation up to bring back some of the vivid colours. I prefer to have warm-toned images and so go in to edit individual colours too on the colour mixture. I often turn the saturation down to the very lowest for the light and dark blue tones to ensure my white background isn't cool and blue! Have a fiddle with these settings until you have found what works best for you. If there's a mixture of settings you like best, you can actually save it as a present and apply it to other images - or simply press command and then c to copy and command and v to paste the setting onto another image you are editing. This will save you loads of time and is a useful hack when editing multiple images at once from the same shoot as it ensures consistent editing throughout!


I like to adjust the texture, clarity and sharpness of my images before exporting them. However, be cautions you are not going too crazy with these tools as they can often look a bit intense. Just definite the image a little and let your camera do most of the work. :)


Once I am happy with my images I export them as a large JPG! Here are a few example below of the before and after for my method of editing:

If you have any questions about my editing and want to reach out then feel free to pop me a dm! :)

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